Discover our treatments dedicated to your eyebrows, for a defined and intense look. Microblading, microshading, lamination and tincture, are our proposals, find the one that suits you!


  •  What is eyebrows lamination ?

Lamination works as a cheratine treatment but for your eyebrows. It’s made for give a tidy and thick effect. During the treatment are applied two solutions: the first one softens the hair and prepares them for the lamination; the second restructures and keeps them in position. After the application the eyebrows are combed for spreading the product, and left for twenty minutes.

  •  Price:

–  eyebrows wax 12 €
–  lamination 30 €
–  tincture 20 €

With the tincture you can have definite, shaded and natural  eyebrows, for a superior cosmetic effect!

–  wax + lamination + tincture 1h 50 €
instead of 62 €


  •  What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique similar to a ink, that allows to correct the imperfections of eyebrows. The process involves making micro superficial engravings, using a small pen, with on the top very thin needles. This needles make little scratches on the eyebrows’ area, inside these engravings is added the color. Is like to draw again the look of the eyebrows, making them symmetric and full. There are many techniques of microblading: the first one is  made hair by hair, with this method the result obtained is very natural and high-quality. The second is named microshading, it’s all based on a shade effect, given by spots drawn near each other, is more suitable for sensitive skins.

  •  Microblading price:

– Microblading 2h 350 €