Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with our treatments. Choose the treatment that suits you most and personalises your choice.


– Hydrotherapy 20′: ozonized hydromassage with personalized chromoterapy 12  € 
5 sessions + 1 gift 60 €


Sculpt System Arms

5 phases for toned and tightened arms.

The aesthetic solution to tone the tissues and combat skin slackening.

Immediate results: sculpted arms, tissues toned, skin more firm.

length 45′

price 40 €


Soin Aquasvelt & Liposvelt

5 phases for a firmer skin.

Immediate results: 2,3 cm on hips and 1,8 cm on thighs.

length 1h

price 60 €

(tested on 6 persons, 1 once a day for 5 days).


HiBeauty Relax

Massage (face, head, bosom, body) with warm essential oils + BodySPA ozonized hydro-massage with personalized chromotherapy.

length 2h

price 75 €


HiBeauty Energy

Draining and contouring massage + Solarium.

length 1h

price 55 €


HiBeauty Care

Beauty treatment pedicure + Manicure + PediSPA ozonized plantar hydro-massage with essential oils.

length 1h 15′

price 54 €


HiBeauty Vitality

Body scrub with Dead Sea Salts+ BodySPA hydro-massage + Relaxing body massage.

length 2h

price 85 €


HiBeauty Hands

Manicure + beauty treatment for hands.

length 1h

price 30  €


HIBeauty Day

It’s composed by 8 treatments: restructuring face treatment, neck, dècolletè, firming and toning breast, body scrub, hydromassage with personalized chromotherapy, massage with essential oils, beauty treatment for hands and feet, anti-stress head massage.

length 2h 30′

price 145 €


HIBeauty Basic

4 basic treatments: face cleaning, legs epilation with post-epilation essence, manicure, beauty and curative pedicure.

136 €